Nitrous Oxide is commonly known as “laughing gas”, even though it does not make you laugh.  Many parents ask if this puts their child to sleep and it does not.  Nitrous is inhaled through a nose piece and the child will keep conscious throughout the appointment.


When nitrous oxide is being utilized, the dentist delivers a nitrous/oxygen mixture that can be titrated easily.  The mixture has a rapid uptake, and then excreted quickly from the lungs all within 2-3 minutes.  There are many benefits using nitrous oxide for young child undergoing a dental procedure.  Nitrous Oxide is good for fearful, anxious patients suffering for anxiety.  It also raises the threshold for some patients with reducing pain or any discomfort.  If your child has a gag reflex it can also help with reducing that symptom.  Nitrous Oxide can also increase tolerance and enhance effective communication for those longer appointments.  We find that it also helps with pts of special health care needs.


When Dr. Fisher is completed with treatment, the nitrous is shut off and your child will receive 100% oxygen for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.  This will ensure there are no residual effects or an altered state when finished.  The child can then return to school or normal activities after the procedure.


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