Are you having a hard time getting your child excited about their upcoming dental appointment? Parents can play a vital role in helping their child not be so afraid. Our office encourages you to read fun children’s books about trips to the dentist to get your child excited.

A number of us (even as adults) feel scared, anxious, or intimidated about going to the dentist. Reading children’s books about the dentist can help set aside any negative feelings that your child may experience about going to the dentist. Children’s book can also be very educational and provide healthy oral hygiene instructions and habits.

Most children’s books use positive, kid-friendly terminology such as “wiggle” or “jiggle” instead of scary terms like “pull” or “extract” for example. The fun, colorful and animated pictures will help paint a positive image in your child’s mind about the dental office. These books can help your child overcome any fear or anxiety that they may be experiencing. Many of these books also encourage consistent dental hygiene habits at home which will result in easier visits to the dentist in the future.

While our train, toys, and movies make our office fun for children once they arrive, it might still be a struggle to get them to come into our office with no fears. We would recommend the following books to help your child associate coming to our office with fun:



The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist                                      Just Going to the Dentist


The Tooth Book                                                               The Little Yellow Treasure Box


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