We would like to encourage you to manage your child’s Halloween candy with the following recommendations to minimize cavities:

  • Separate all of the chocolate candies.  These are the best selections for kids to eat as they contain calcium and melt quickly with no gooey residue on the teeth.
  • Eliminate all gummy, sticky, gooey and sour (acid powder) candies.
  • Allow your child to enjoy their Halloween candy for 2-3 days, then get rid of it!  Don’t keep it around the house for months!
  • Consider donating your child’s candy to the troops.
  • BRUSH AND FLOSS CAREFULLY!  Use a fluoride rinse to help protect from sugar and acid


We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner! You can always call the office for more immediate attention or for emergencies. 262-241-0400