Dear Families,

We wanted to pass along some important information:

1. Watch your children’s snacking during this “Safer at Home” time. More frequent snacking places your child at much higher risk of dental decay. Make toothbrushing and FLOSSING part of the daily schedule in your home.

2. Supervise your child’s brushing and FLOSSING! Now that we are all at home, it gives you an opportunity to really make sure that your child is doing the most thorough job they can and you are there to help them with those skills.

3. Brushing more than 2 times a day would be an excellent way to work on improving some of the habits and keep their teeth clean. Try brushing after each meal. Flossing with each brushing is a great way to instill wonderful oral hygiene and set them up for a life of great oral hygiene. At the very least, make sure flossing is occurring at least once a day.

4. If your child is having a dental emergency, we are available to you! I would recommend you start by taking a photo of your concern. Photos can be emailed to Please follow up with a telephone call to our emergency line. Once you reach the office voicemail, press the number 2 to be transferred to my home. We will work through any dental emergencies and help solve emergent problems.

5. Our office will be providing emergency care throughout the “Safer at Home” period during limited hours. Patients qualifying for emergency care will be at the discretion of the dentist based on the individual circumstance.

6. If you have any PPE that you are willing to donate, our office is serving as a donation center for these items. Masks, gloves, disposable gowns, sanitizer, etc. can be left in our office vestibule. We will be making regular trips to facilities in need of PPE to disperse donations. Please feel free to drop that off at any time.

7. Are you cleaning your closets? Do you have extra children’s sized shoes that you don’t need? Please put them aside for us to bring on a future mission trip. We are not collecting shoes at this time, but once we reopen to regular care, we will be happy to take those off your hands!

We wish you, your family and the entire community good health! We remain committed to your family if you need anything during these times.

The Kids Dentist LLC


We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner! You can always call the office for more immediate attention or for emergencies. 262-241-0400